A Raw Milk CSA in Boulder, Colorado.


Capering Goat Dairy is a raw goat's milk CSA.  Our goats are milked by hand, with fresh milk available for pick-up by herd share members roughly April - November.  The farm is located in northeast Boulder near the Boulder Reservoir.

In Colorado, a consumer may consume raw milk from a cow or goat owned by the consumer.  Because it is usually impractical for a consumer to maintain a cow or a goat or a herd of cows or goats, Colorado law (Section 25-5.5-117, Colorado Revised Statutes) permits cow or goat herd-share arrangements under which a consumer may acquire an interest in a cow, goat or herd of cows or goats and contract with a dairy or farm to board and care for the cows or goats, to milk the animals, and to allow the consumer to pick up the milk produced from the consumer owner’s interest in the cows, goats or herd.

Our milk availability is generally from about April - November.

Our kidding season is generally from about March - May. We offer hand-raised bottle-feeding, weaned, dis-budded and sometimes horned kids, with periodic availability of bred does, does in-milk, bucks, and wethers.

Volunteer opportunities are available year-round, with winter an excellent opportunity to take on a volunteer shift and learn the ropes before baby goats start arriving in the spring.

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We'll contact you soon, but if it's during our kidding season, responses may be delayed.  Thank you!

Margaret Hollander, Manager


Goat kids are hand-raised and of premium dairy goat stock; all breeding stock is registered with ADGA.  Herd is CAE free.