The Naming Convention

Every year we name our baby goats with the same first letter of their mother's first name.  So all of Jewel's babies have names that start with the letter "J," all of Banana Jam's babies start with the letter "B," etc.  Vermeer's is one of our favorite lines, and every year we keep one we have to come up with a good "V" name - that also matches the goat.  As you can see, Cocoa Puff was a necessary compromise.

the Creativity of Bees

Our bees made this sculpture from bits of comb floating in honey placed in the hive to feed them over the winter.

"Untitled," beeswax, Capering Goat Dairy Bees, 2017.

"Untitled," beeswax, Capering Goat Dairy Bees, 2017.

A particularly beautiful specimen from 2014.  WHIT DESCHNER/GREAT SALT LICK AWARDS   // From the article  " Perhaps You’d Like to Purchase Art Sculpted by a Cow "  COPYRIGHT 2017 |  ATLAS OBSCURA  |  61 GREENPOINT AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11222

A particularly beautiful specimen from 2014. WHIT DESCHNER/GREAT SALT LICK AWARDS  // From the article "Perhaps You’d Like to Purchase Art Sculpted by a Cow" COPYRIGHT 2017 | ATLAS OBSCURA | 61 GREENPOINT AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11222

Then we learned of a fundraiser for Parkinson's research held in Baker City, Oregon where curated salt licks are entered into an art contest with the winners auctioned off to the highest bidders.  “Goats and deer are more realist,” [contest founder Whit Deschner] says. “Cows are more impressionist. The horses aren’t artistic at all.”  
While the adjacent photo isn't attributed to a particular ungulate (guess it's not a horse, though), notice the striking similarity to our bees' work?

A nice reminder of how creative living creatures are when given space, time, and sound materials.

A Milking Poem

In spondees, equal weight to each (udder).


backroad leafmold stonewall chipmunk
underbrush grapevine woodchuck shadblow

woodsmoke cowbarn honeysuckle woodpile
sawhorse bucksaw outhouse wellsweep

backdoor flagstone bulkhead buttermilk
candlestick ragrug firedog brownbread

hilltop outcrop cowbell buttercup
whetstone thunderstorm pitchfork steeplebush

gristmill millstone cornmeal waterwheel
watercress buckwheat firefly jewelweed

gravestone groundpine windbreak bedrock
weathercock snowfall starlight cockcrow 

Robert Francis


Character Building

This courtesy of The Female Farmer Project:  From our friend Blair of Madstone Farm... "The tender absurdity of farmy mama [and grand-mama] multitasking. Can't say it is easy but I imagine it builds character on all our parts --bovine included."

To motherhood -- in its many farmy forms.